Introducing the Ion District,
Houston’s innovation community.

Located in the heart of Midtown, Houston, the Ion District invites residents, start-ups, and corporate, academic, and civic leaders to unite, explore, and create opportunity together.

Watch it in action.

Learn about it.

Innovation is an invitation to
build the world you want to see.

It’s a smarter way

to route a circuit board,
or city traffic.

It’s a faster way

to feed news apps,
or hungry communities.

It’s a safer way

to build supply chains,
or self-esteem.

It comes
in major

and minor enhancements.

In leaps
and bounds,

and little
by little.

It’s efficiency and compassion.
Investment and inclusion.

Then it’s having the dedicated space and support to perfect it, protect it, and project that idea out into the world so that it thrives.

Every better way
needs a place to begin.

Welcome to the Ion District.

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